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A Message from Abdul Majid Jamal,

Effective advertising can increase sales, build credibility…and promote your unique business identity”
1A company may have the best products and provide excellent services – but if the wider public is not aware of how great your company is and how superior your products are, your success is severely impacted. How long can your company survive without strong advertising?

According to experts, if a business is suffering economically, the best option is to cut expenses and spend more on advertising. If your business is flourishing, you have the opportunity to grab a bigger piece of the pie – reach higher, think bigger! Increase your visibility and get your voice heard by thousands of people across Ontario. It does not matter what kind of business you have, the competition is tough out there. Long-term economic viability demands advertising to large and diverse audiences.
Advertising on the radio has widespread benefits that can have a quick impact on your business. Arbitron, a popular ratings firm that analyzes radio usage found that 96% of individuals who have ridden in a car have listened to a radio program at least once in a month. Moreover, more than 80% of 35-64 year olds claim that they spend the majority of their time in the car tuning in to a radio station.
Your advertisement can attract new customers and encourage existing customers to spend more on your products or services. Effective advertising can increase sales, build credibility, establish and maintain your “brand” and promote your unique business identity. Our purpose in advertising is to inform or remind listeners and customers the benefits of your products and services. Advertising with us will help you in creating demand. We pride ourselves for being the voice of the South Asian community. It is a great method to send a targeted message to a large, economically successful and growing demographic.
In this sponsorship package, you will find an outline of our radio stations, Saaz-O-Awaz. You can review our advertising opportunities and choose from a variety of different options specifically tailored to suit different needs.


Name: Abdul Majid Jamal

Contact No : 416-893-2223

President & CEO Arifa Muzaffar

Every great accomplishment has a humble beginning. Arifa Muzaffar began her media journey in Toronto in August 1998, taking her first step on the long and winding road in the media industry. Though encouraged by experts and pundits to avoid a five-day week program, she forged ahead. Her determination and tenacity propelled her to be the first Pakistani to commence a five-day radio program in Toronto. Her unique style of programming soon became the heart and soul of the community.

An outstanding role model and representative of the South Asian Community, Mrs. Muzaffar has dedicated years of her life to the benefit and advancement of the South Asian community in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Through her devotion, sincerity and commitment, she continues to earn the respect of thousands of dedicated listeners of Saaz-O-Awaz – a radio channel that can not only be heard live but, for the first time in South Asian media history, the channel can be seen live via live streaming technology at

Mrs. Muzaffar has tremendously helped the advancement of South Asian music, news, information and business in Toronto, and promotes entrepreneurship within and across communities. She continues to provide a disciplined and non-judgmental platform for South Asians to voice their experience, celebrations, concerns and opportunities.


Saaz-O-Awaz is a radio frequ-ency that airs 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, serving the Greater Toronto Area and su-rrounding regions to encom-pass most of Ontario. It covers the largest area of Ontario for the South Asian Community. A coverage map has been pro-vided at the end of this pac-kage.
Saaz-O-Awaz takes pride in being a community channel, having programs in multiple languages all day long.
Weekdays from sunrise to 3:00 p.m., we air a variety of Punjabi programming.
Following this, Urdu programs commence from 3:00 p.m. to sunrise. On weekends, we ca-rry a more diversified langu-age roster: every Saturday, we air an Indian Caribbean pro-gram from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

“To hear your mind…tune into “Saaz-O-Awaz”


Saaz-O-Awaz radio program is an integral component of Saaz-O-Awaz Broadcasting Ltd. Hosted daily by Arifa Muzaffar and Abdul Majid Jamal, listeners enjoy light-hearted banter and serious conversation on a variety of topics. Saaz-O-Awaz is on the air during primetime starting at 3:00 p.m. and running until sunset.

The Saaz-O-Awaz motto is: music, news and information, messages and chit-chat! We play a variety of genres in Indian and Pakistani music, present local and international news and engage in live discussions with listeners on the air.


The preferred rates for advertising on Saaz-O-Awaz are as follows:

  • One 30 second spots per day (20 spots in total per month) = $400 monthly
  • Two 30 second spots per day (40 spots in total per month) = $700 monthly
  • Three 30 second spots per day (60 spots in total per month) = $900 monthly
  • Another method of advertising is to conduct a live interview, whereby you can personally describe you products and services directly to listeners. Live interviews must be purchased in addition to a spot commercial
  • Four 5 minute interviews per month = $300 monthly

Saaz-O-Awaz Advertising Packages


 Coverage map of Saaz-O-Awaz


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