Calling all artists in the City of Brampton to Share Your Story

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BRAMPTON – The City of Brampton’s newly-created Arts, Culture and Creative Industry Development Agency (ACCIDA) is calling on artists to share their stories and promote their art on a digital postcard, a love letter to the City.

The Postcard Project – Share Your Artist Story is now accepting 20 submissions of old or new digital, visual artworks from Brampton artists, creatives, musicians and performers to display their work on a digital postcard. Consideration will be given to artists outside of Brampton whose work has been influenced by Brampton and their connection to the City, with priority given to artists who live in Brampton. Artists selected for this opportunity will be paid a one-time artist fee of $250.

As a part of the Postcard Project – Your Artist Story, ACCIDA will share your work, with artistic credit, on a digital postcard across ACCIDA’s social media platforms and as a part of upcoming promotional and marketing initiatives. Artists can submit multiple images and be selected more than once, but the intent is to share this opportunity with as many artists as possible within the 20 selected works.

Artists are welcome to explore their connection with the City and reflect on how their artistic practice captures the spirit and stories of Brampton. Artwork can be new or old original work and include any medium, such as: photography, written work, documentation of a performance, digital collage and non-digital works, including hand drawn illustrations and paintings that can be digitized according to specifications. Abstract and non-representational works are welcomed and encouraged.

The deadline for submission is June 17, 2021. Submissions will be evaluated by ACCIDA. For additional information or questions please view the project details here, Submissions can be emailed to with the subject line: Your Artist Story.

“The Postcard Project: Share Your Artist Story supports the City’s vision for Brampton in 2040 to transform the existing cultural environment into a thriving arts scene with opportunities for all artists, creatives, musicians and performers. I encourage all artists in the City of Brampton to tell us your stories.” – Patrick Brown, Mayor, City of Brampton

“This is an exciting time for the City of Brampton as we begin to build relationships with the local arts and cultural community. Having local artists share their stories will help the agency build these important relationships and, at the same time, promote the work of Brampton’s artists.” – Rowena Santos, Regional Councillor, Wards 1 & 5; Vice-Chair, Corporate Services, City of Brampton