Canada invests over $3m in climate action, awareness for young Canadians

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Vaughan – Canadians want cleaner air and cleaner water for their children and grandchildren. When companies pollute our natural environment, they pay the price and the Government of Canada ensures that environmental good follows environmental harm by investing those fines in projects that benefit the environment.

Francesco Sorbara, Member of Parliament for Vaughan–Woodbridge, behalf of Jonathan Wilkinson, Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change, announced that the Government of Canada will be investing $3,326,206 in Project 2050: Community Climate Challenge.

With this funding, Earth Rangers will engage 300,000 children aged six to twelve across Canada to help meet Canada’s target of net-zero emissions through collective action at home, at school, and in their communities. Through educational materials about the top causes of climate change in Canada, the Earth Rangers project will demonstrate how we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our daily lives and work towards our country’s 2050 goal.

This funding comes from the Government of Canada’s Environmental Damages Fund under its Climate Action and Awareness Fund. The Climate Action and Awareness Fund was created from the $196.5-million fine paid by Volkswagen for circumventing Canada’s environmental protection rules, the largest environmental fine in Canadian history.

“Young Canadians are at the heart of our approach to creating a healthier future and building a cleaner economy. With the tools acquired through this important project, young Canadians will continue to be leaders in the fight against climate change and the preservation of healthy ecosystems in their communities across the country.” Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

“Our youth are our leaders of tomorrow, and they are invaluable in helping us reach our goals for a green economy. By supporting organizations such as Earth Rangers here in Vaughan, we are helping to create younger communities with heightened awareness of our environment, and the responsibility we all share in ensuring the success of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.” – Francesco Sorbara, Member of Parliament for Vaughan–Woodbridge