Carbon reaching earth has a history

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New York – A new study, published in the journal ‘Science Advances’, says carbon is the backbone of life on Earth, responsible to regulate climate and making Earth a habitable planet. It said most of Earth’s carbon was inherited directly from the interstellar medium — the material that exists in space between stars in a galaxy. Carbon was also likely isolated into solids within one million years of the sun’s birth, said the research team from the University of Michigan in the US. Jie (Jackie) Li, Professor at the Michigan University, said: “The condensation model has been widely used for decades. It assumes that during the formation of the sun, all of the planet’s elements got vaporised, and as the disk cooled, some of these gases condensed and supplied chemical ingredients to solid bodies. But that doesn’t work for carbon.” The team estimated the upper bounds of how much carbon the Earth might contain. It helped the researchers to find when the carbon might have been delivered here.