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Charlize Theron denies getting engaged to Sean Penn

Los Angeles – Actress Charlize Theron has denied rumours that she is getting engaged to actor Sean Penn, saying she never intended to marry him.

Theron set the record straight on her former relationship with Penn when she appeared on “The Howard Stern Show”, reports Asked about the rumours, Theron said: “What? That”s not true. no. I did not ”almost get married to Sean”, that”s such bulls**t. No, we dated, that was literally all we did, we dated.”

“It was a relationship, for sure. We were definitely exclusive, but it was for barely a year. We never moved in. I was never going to marry him. It was nothing like that,” she continued. Penn and Theron began dating in 2013. The two split in 2015.

When asked if she ever thought of marriage or felt lonely, Theron said: “I never wanted to get married. That”s never been something that”s important to me.”

“On the lives of my children, I”ve never been lonely. I”ve never felt alone,” she said, adding she wasn”t afraid of romantic relationships.

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