Climate change driving intense storms

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London – Investigating how climate affects intense rainstorms across Europe, climate experts have shown there will be a significant future increase in the occurrence of slow-moving intense rainstorms. In the study published in journal Geophysical Research Letters, the scientists estimate that these slow-moving storms may be 14 times more frequent across land by the end of the century and have the potential for very high precipitation accumulations, with devastating impacts, as currently seen in Germany and Belgium. Researchers from the Newcastle University and the UK Met Office Hadley Centre used very detailed climate model simulations and found that slower storm movement acts to increase the amount of rainfall. Hayley Fowler, Professor at Newcastle ‘s School of Engineering, said: “Governments across the world have been too slow in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and global warming continues apace. This study suggests that changes to extreme storms will be significant and cause an increase in the frequency of devastating flooding across Europe. This, alongside the current floods in Europe, is the wake-up call we need to produce improved emergency warning and management systems, as well as implementing climate change safety factors into our infrastructure designs to make them more robust to these severe weather events.”