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COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan, province by province in Canada

Ottawa – Provinces in Canada have prepared plans for vaccine rollout approved by Health Canada. The Government of Alberta says it anticipates it will be able to immunize up to 435,000 Albertans who are most at-risk between January and March 2021. Manitoba is slated to vaccinate more than 100,000 people by March 31 of this year. Saskatchewan, with 202,052 doses expected within the first quarter of 2021 — will focus on health-care workers, elderly residents in care homes, seniors over 80 and residents in northern remote communities. British Columbia, plans on immunizing 400,000 people against COVID-19 by March 2021. By April, front-line workers including teachers, grocery store workers, firefighters and people working in food processing plants will be prioritized. Meanwhile, a full-fledged vaccination campaign is going full stream in Ontario.

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