Differences between men and women’s brains

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New York – Researchers in new findings, published in the Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, indicate that size is the only clear-cut difference between male and female brains. Women’s brains are about 11 per cent smaller than men’s, in proportion to their body size. Smaller brains allow certain features, such as a slightly higher ratio of gray matter to white matter, and a higher ratio of connections between, versus within, cerebral hemispheres. Researcher Lise Eliot from Rosalind Franklin University in the US, said: “This means that the brain differences between large and small-headed men are as great as the brain differences between the average man and woman. And importantly, none of these size-related differences can account for familiar behavioural differences between men and women, such as empathy or spatial skills.” The team conducted a meta-synthesis of three decades of research, assimilating hundreds of the largest and most highly-cited brain imaging studies addressing 13 distinct measures of alleged sex difference. They found almost no differences that were widely reproduced across studies, even those involving thousands of participants.