Federal, provincial leaders condemn anti-vaccine protesters

eAwaz Canada News

Toronto – Federal and provincial leaders have condemned anti-vaccine protesters organised by Canadian Frontline Nurses under “silent vigils” for all 10 provinces to protest vaccine mandates and other public health measures. Ontario Premier Doug Ford tweeted his thoughts on the protests yesterday, calling them “selfish, cowardly and reckless.” Mayor John Tory urged organizers to reconsider their “irresponsible” and “cowardly” choice of venue.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said a federal government can’t ban protests but his party’s platform pledges to make it a federal offence to harass or obstruct someone from accessing medical care, and provide harsher penalties for anyone assaulting a health-care worker. Trudeau outlined an identical pledge of criminal sanctions for anyone blocking access to hospitals, vaccine clinics, testing centres, pharmacies and abortion clinics, and those intimidating or harassing health-care workers. O’Toole also called the planned protests as “completely unacceptable.”