Filmmaker Chloe Zhao: ‘Nomadland’ to create impact on masses

eAwaz Entertainment

Los Angeles – According to filmmaker Chloe Zhao her latest movie, ‘Nomadland’, starring Frances McDormand not only created an impact on masses but critics alike. She not only wrote the script but directed, edited and produced it also. The 38-year-old filmmaker said: “I like that! I like to take credit for all of that (laughs). In our case, it was just something that we decided to do because there were so many different challenges. We knew we had very little time for filming because we had to hit all the seasons to film everything authentically, like the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (the largest gathering of nomads in the world), and we don’t know where all these nomads are going to be when they are not at the gatherings. Sometimes it is easier to just do it all yourself. Frances brings a sense of humour and a personality to Fern that I wanted. She brings humour and warmth to the role as well as being a docent for the other characters. She was able to be there and be with these people — the nomads we were working with.” The film is set in America but is relatable everywhere.