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Google tells people to cut screen fatigue at home

San Francisco – As people spend more time online attending meetings, classes, binge-watching Netflix and gaming, screen fatigue has affected millions and Google experts have now listed some advice to cut screen time and stay healthy.

To avoid getting pulled into your phone, you can use your voice to ask Google Assistant for help completing actions, like setting an alarm, sending a text, playing the latest news, getting answers to questions, help finding recipes or ordering takeout and much more.

“You can also create custom or ready-made routines to trigger several actions with a single command,” according to Lilian Rincon, Senior Director of Product Management, Google Assistant.  The Google experts advise people to find active alternatives like stepping away from the screen and add physical activity into your life.

“If you have children, you could even exercise with them. As you make progress, use Google Fit to keep track and earn heart points which can help you meet the World Health Organisation recommendations,” said Kapil Parakh, Medical Lead, Google Fit. If you have kids, chat with them about the content you each prefer and work with them to plan out a schedule for listening, watching, playing and interacting with it.

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