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Mango Industry in Pakistan Impacted by COVID-19

By Muhammad Ali

Mississauga – It is approximated, that with the decline in demand, suspended flights, shutdown of borders, and increasing freight fares, exports of Pakistani honey mangos will drop 30%-45% in 2020. Last year 130,000 metric tonnes of mangoes were exported from Pakistan across the world. However, according to local business owner, Waheed Ahmed, who is associated with the mango industry in Pakistan, suggested that the country may only be able to export a mere 80,000 tonnes this year, which is 50,000 less than 2019. The reasoning behind this number is that charges for export have increased, and time. Since mango is a perishable commodity, factors limiting export like suspension of flights and closure of borders, may cause mangoes to rot this year. Furthermore, closure of borders of neighbouring Iran and Afghanistan accounts for a large number of Pakistani exports as they respectively import around 30,000 and 35,000 metric tonnes of Pakistani grown mangoes. Factors for producing mangoes have gone up due to the application of COVID-19 safety guidelines to production protocol. Not to mention, demand has also gone down in the Middle East, as many overseas Pakistanis have returned home due to the pandemic.

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