Naomi Watts gives details of balancing act as mom

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Los Angeles – According to actress Naomi Watts to be be the best version of a mother to her kids it is important to self-care.
Naomi has two kids – Kai, 11, and Sasha, 13. In an interview to Hamptons magazine, she said: “Mommy does embarrassing dances with the children. Sometimes you feel like you’re a supermom — baking (a) cake, playing board games and teaching them how to use the vacuum cleaner; you’re just fully on top of it. And other times, you’re like, ‘Oh God, just let me hand them the devices and let me get done what I need to do,’ you know?”

The actress continued: “That’s just the reality, and you have to forgive yourself on the days that you need to take that time for yourself and create that space.”

Watts shares her kids with Liev Schreiber. The actress shared that 2020 has “definitely been a constant ride on (one’s) nervous system”, with “anxiety levels” that “are through the roof”.

“There’s been beautiful, simple moments with the family dotted in there. And then really hard times with the kids not quite understanding. You know, my kids are at the age where you don’t want them to be sitting in front of the news and absorbing all the dark, ugly facts of everything, but they’re too old to hide everything,” she said.

“But they get frustrated. So it’s a tough thing for everyone to navigate. But you just find your way along. And there are good days and bad days,” Watts added.