Olivia Colman: Rachel, Emma gave up Oscar nomination for me

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Los Angeles – Actress Olivia Colman says her co-stars in the 2019 film, The Favourite – Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone, refused to be nominated in the Best Actress category at Oscars 2019 so that she gets a bigger chance of winning. Colman told Total Film Magazine: “What I didn’t realise for the Oscars was that you are meant to say what category you want to go up for. I went, ‘no, that’s rude. I’m not doing that’. And also because I felt that we were all three equal people — Emma, me and Rachel were three equals. I said, ‘if they can’t change it so that we can all be equals, then I don’t want to do it, because it’s not right’. So I refused to say it. I said, ‘we can either all go up for lead, or all go up for supporting’. What I didn’t realise… someone let slip that Emma and Rachel had both decided — which makes me feel quite emotional — that they would go supporting to make me go lead, because they said they’d both had it, so it was my turn. Isn’t that amazing? That’s two incredible friends. I said I was not doing it unless we could all be equal. So they ignored me, and did something selfless and charitable.”