Sophia Di Martino on her role as Sylvie in ‘Loki’

eAwaz Entertainment

Mumbai – Actress Sophia Di Martino says she had a great time working on her character Sylvie in the web series Loki. She said: “The most interesting thing for me is how broken she is and I find it interesting to do characters who are damaged and who sort of wear a lot of armour but they also get a chance to share their vulnerability, and within that I find that there’s fun stuff to play. She’s also really funny and she gets all the funny lines, which is always fun. So, I watched all of the Tom (Hiddleston) stuff and I watched the films and then I sort of tried to forget about it because I really didn’t want to just do an impression of Tom’s Loki. That would have been really bad because I am terrible at impressions, so I just wanted to make it my own and a lot of it started with fighting style and one of the first things we did in prep was to start working with stunt team and work on the fight scenes, so there was a lot to learn. We were very keen on Sylvie being rough with her fighting style because she’s a street fighter, she’s a brawler; she’s not trained in martial arts or anything like that. She just uses her strength and her bravery to get through each fight. She enjoys fighting, she enjoys the adrenaline of it, the rush of it and she gets a kick out of the fight and that told me a lot about her character. She’s this sort of feral cat almost, she knows she’ll win and if not win then she’ll survive.”