The debut of “Ice Ribbon” full of harvest

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Beijing About 14 test programs were completed in 4 days, the speed skating competition of “Experience Beijing” ice test program drew an ending at the National Speed Skating Oval a few days ago. As the only newly-built competition venue for ice sports in Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the National Speed Skating Oval “Ice Ribbon” has carried out a comprehensive test on the facilities of the venue and the service guarantee of the operation teams in line with the principle of “the testing series should be finished completely”.

Unexpected future of “the fastest ice surface”

In the speed skating competition, the quality of the ice surface is extremely high. When the men mass start, the last game of all the testing series accomplished, Wu Xiaonan, the director of venue operation team from the National Speed Skating Oval, was sitting in the stands, looking at the ice surface condition of “Ice Ribbon” with a satisfied smile on his face. “The National Speed Skating Oval is the first speed skating venue who use the carbon dioxide transcritical direct cooling system to make ice. The actual test has also proved the effect which the ice should have. As we said before, our final goal is making ‘Ice Ribbon’ to become the fastest skating ice, and we do believe that it will come true one day in the future.

As the main ice maker of the ice surface of “Ice Ribbon”, Mark has participated in the ice making work of 5 Winter Olympics Games. According to him, it promises to be one of the fastest speed skating venues in the world. For us, the test was valuable, from which we could see the impact of the various adjustments on the ice surface, and I am now looking forward to the perfect ice surface for the Beijing Winter Olympics Games.” The athletes also gave high praise of the ice surface of “Ice Ribbon”. An athlete from Beijing Team said:” The venue and all kinds of facilities are brand new; the temperature of the venue is also quite suitable for me to skate. ”

Photo by Liu Ping
Photo by Liu Ping

A series of effective tests for equipment and facilities of venue

Testing facilities of venue is one of the important objectives of this test program. Especially for the “Ice Ribbon”, a new venue, it is more necessary to test whether the operation of facilities correspond with the standards. Zhao Bingtao is an engineer of the engineering management department of the National Speed Skating Oval, during the test programs, he was responsible for the daily inspection, maintenance and emergency repair of facilities. “For the work raison that our team members walked around 30,000 steps every day. It was a hard work but it worth. Through the test programs, some problems founded will be improved on the next step.”

Providing stable electricity is the premise of the service guarantee of the venue. Zhang Hongjiong, the assistant manager from power team of the National Speed Skating Oval, said that 60 temporaries in the team construction members overcame many difficulties and completed all the temporary power transmission work of venue 4 days ahead of schedule. “We have also achieved 100% green power supply for the venue, set up a digital support command system supported by an electric power team for ‘Ice Ribbon’, That is adapted to the requirement of various areas in the venue. It has accumulated experience for the power guarantee of the venue in the Beijing Winter Olympics Games.”

Youth strength shining in “Ice Ribbon”

In these test programs, many young faces could be seen in many job posts of the “Ice Ribbon” venue operation teams. Communication maintenance, award testing, volunteer service…they made every effort to protect the operation of the event, how beautiful youth scene of the “Ice Ribbon”.

Chen Huidi, a girl born after 1995; responsible of the award ceremony, in these test programs, she led a group with an average age of more than 20 years old to test three ways to hold the award ceremony: usual process, non-contact (athlete self-selection) and robot awarding way. “What attracts people’s attention most is the robots awarding section, our progressive awarding ways, met the relevant norms of the Olympic Games without losing interest, and accumulated experience for the awarding work of Beijing Winter Olympic Games.”

It is difficult to build a full-dimensional and multi-level communication network for a new venue. The average age of China Unicom’s communication support team responsible for the “Ice Ribbon” test program, is more than 30 years old. They entered the venue in June of last year to start the construction and commissioning of communication facilities and equipment. During the test programs, this young team made a lot of efforts to ensure a safe, reliable and smooth operation of the venue communication system.

Volunteers are an integral part of sports events. At “Ice Ribbon”, more than 60 teacher and student volunteers from Beijing Normal University have put themselves to volunteer service in 14 areas. Volunteers said that the test programs allowed them to gain experience. Liu Ziyi was a national first-class aerobics athlete as well as a volunteer in this test program. “We still seize the opportunity to simulate the possible situation, even though there was no one spectator.” Fu Ting served in the field of volunteer, in her eyes, she was “a volunteer for volunteers”. “I learned from this test program that there is no little mission in volunteer service. I hope our smile could be a name card for Beijing Winter Olympics Games.”