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Toronto Police Officer Involved with Tow Truck Corruption Ring

By Muhammad Ali

Mississauga – The tow truck industry in the GTAA, has been probed by city and police officials, as instances of arson, homicide, drug dealing, deliberate accidents and other organized crime, which were part of a greater turf war, came out. Just recently, Toronto police discovered one of their own constables, Ronald Joseph, was involved with the tow truck scandal, further complicating the scandal. These incidents occurred as companies sought to take advantage, in order to achieve their business interests.

Investigation into the Corruption, Espionage and Theft

Several Toronto police divisions were left started after their specially encrypted radios were found in a tow truck.

It is said, that specially issued encrypted police radios, used for private broadcasts, was illegitimately used by tow truck drivers. Furthermore, it has been said that the radios helped tow truck drivers to find car accidents quicker, and to evade police detection. Thus, these broadcasts were received for a fee. In August of 2019, one of these radios was found in a tow truck, and the driver, Kevin Lima of Barrie, was charged and released on the scene. The radio discovered, was according to technicians, authentic and stolen from 22 division. The radio that was already at 22 division, was an undetected clone of the stolen original one. According to Officer Sinopoli, a radio was found in a tow truck on HWY 400. On June 9th, two men were arrested after another radio, and a 9 mm handgun were found.

After these shocking revelations, many homes in Brampton, Barrie and Toronto, were raided by police in May, resulting in the discovery of more radios, and parts and tools to clone them. Other raids in southern Ontario, sought the capture of more than $35,000 radio equipment, and 6 tow trucks. From that raid, seven people were arrested.

One of the stolen radios was found to be connected to Constable Ronald Joseph. The disgraced constable had also secretly owned 2 two trucks which were parked in his car rental agency. This discovery itself, was surprising and shocking to the police. And, as it came during a time when police agencies have been under much scrutiny, this news does not deflate the situation; rather fueling it. Although discovery was a significant stepping stone in the investigation of the turf war between the many tow trucks companies; many challenges and unknown information lie ahead for the police.

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