Bruce Langley: ‘American Gods’ Season 3 to feature many fan favourite moments

eAwaz Entertainment

London – British actor Bruce Langley says the third season of "American Gods” will feature several fan favourite moments as it falls back to the narrative of Neil Gaimon’s 2001 novel of the same name. The series revolves around a war between the Old Gods of ancient mythological roots and the New Gods of modern technology. While the first season of "American Gods” was received well— with show runner Bryan Fuller and Michael Green—its follow-up saw a mixed response, which had "Lost” producer Jesse Alexander replacing the duo.
After the trailer for season three was out, Gaiman wrote on Facebook that the show is "back to the book and back on track. Judge for yourself. The fan base of the show is really smart. In season three, we fall back to the narrative of the book. There are many fan favourite sections. We get to go back to Neil’s structure. It’s more of a rollercoaster than a train ride. If there’s a track, we are back on it. I am excited for people to see it.”
On season three, Gaiman is attached as the writer and executive producer. He added: "We have the benefit of coming from such a high pedigree in terms of our production team. We have, basically, Neil on tap when we need to. So I know while coming in that we will have some good stuff to play with as a foundation. That’s a huge weight off your shoulders. In season one, I went to work with people who I had watched on TV for years. But I went in with the attitude that it wouldn’t be practical, in any way, shape or form to go in afraid or idolising them in any way. They are professionals there to do a job. It’s my job to come in and do as good a job, if not more, than them. So I do all the work I need to do, beforehand, to come in ready to play. Then it’s just like dancing, it’s good fun.”