Ontario Launches Online Security Guard and Private Investigator Testing

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Move will make the process easier, more reliable and more accessible
TORONTO — The Ontario government is launching a new, online testing option for individuals seeking to obtain a licence to become a security guard or private investigator. This modern testing option will eliminate the need for applicants to travel to a testing location during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond.

"Expanding to online testing for security guards and private investigators is another step forward in our government’s work to modernize frontline services and programming for Ontarians,” said Solicitor General Sylvia Jones. "Online testing will help expand Ontario’s capacity to train and qualify these critical professionals who are essential to public safety and the well-being of communities.”

Starting today, applicants who select the security guard or private investigator online testing option may choose from a range of dates and times when the sessions will be offered. This new online option improves capacity to test more individuals as well as makes the overall process easier, more reliable and accessible.

The provincewide rollout follows a pilot project that began in October 2020 with Serco Canada Inc., the vendor that provides security guard and private investigator testing on behalf of the province. Participants in the pilot strongly supported the online option and provided valuable feedback to ensure the testing was accessible, simple and straightforward for all candidates.

"The government’s move to enable security recruits to conduct the provincial tests online is a constructive and positive measure for security services in Ontario,” said Tim Saunders, Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer, G4S Secure Solutions (Canada). "This change will allow for more security guards at key locations where they are providing an essential and vital service, especially in these challenging times.”