Those who meditate cope well with depression

eAwaz Health

New York – A new study conducted by a team from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in the US has revealed those who meditate are making use of some of the same tools that psychologists have identified as effective in increasing well-being and protecting against anxiety and depression.Florin Dolcos, a professor of psychology at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign said religious people look for positive ways of thinking about hardship, a practice known to psychologists as "cognitive reappraisal.” They show reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression. He added: "This suggests that science and religion are on the same page when it comes to coping with hardship.”
For example, when somebody dies, a religious person may say, ‘OK, now they are with God,’ while someone who isn’t religious may say, ‘Well, at least they are not suffering anymore. In both cases, the individual finds comfort in framing the situation in a more positive light, said Dolcos in a paper published in the Journal of Religion and Health. Study co-author Sanda Dolco said: "If we are just looking at the relationship between religious coping and lower anxiety, we don’t know exactly which strategy is facilitating this positive outcome. The mediation analysis helps us determine whether religious people are using reappraisal as an effective way of lessening their distress. I hope this is an example of where religion and science can work together to maintain and increase well-being.”