US Safety Commission: Vape batteries can kill

eAwaz Health

Washington – The US Consumer Product Safety Commission in a recent statement has warned consumers should not buy or use a particular type of lithium-ion battery cells, used in vapes, e-cigarettes, flashlights and toys, due to possible fire and even death risk. The CPSC said it is working with e-commerce sites like ‘eBay’ to remove listings of loose “18650 lithium-ion” batteries. It said: “These cells are manufactured as industrial component parts of battery packs and are not intended for individual sale to consumers. However, they are being separated, rewrapped and sold as new consumer batteries, typically on the Internet. Specifically these battery cells may have exposed metal positive and negative terminals that can short-circuit when they come into contact with metal objects such as keys or loose change in a pocket.” The injuries related to exploding 18650 cells have been in the news but the frequency has increased in the recent past, as these are now available on popular e-commerce sites as well as with wholesale retailers. CPSC added: “Unfortunately a growing number of small consumer products such as vaping devices, personal fans, headlamps and some toys are using loose 18650s as a power source.”