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Washington Ends But Says Might start Relationship with WHO

By Muhammad Ali


Mississauga – President of the United States Donald Trump recently said it will end its partnership with the World Health Organization, due to its handling of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Trump stated that they have sent, “failed to make the greatly needed reforms,” that was sent by the US to them in detail. This funding will now go to, “other worldwide and deserving and urgent global public health needs”, according to Donald Trump’s earlier response. Another reason for withdrawal of support for WHO, is that allegedly, according to the White House, that Chinese officials, “ignored”, their reporting duties to WHO, which then coerced the organization to mislead the world about information on the novel coronavirus. Washington’s decision has met praise amongst many but also criticism. Similar to the NATO funding issue, many criticized that America was paying too much, while other countries were providing less funds, on top of it being taxpayer’s dollars. Some also said that WHO was not fulfilling its obligations, and indirectly made the virus situation worse than it should have been. Most of WHO’s funds come from the United States, so the lack of funding will prove detrimental to the organization in the months to come. In fact, the U.S approximately gives around $450 million to the organization annually. On the other hand, many argue that cutting funding for WHO will be dangerous in the long run. So far this year, the United States has contributed about $34 million in membership dues to WHO.

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