Why Covid cases rise even after shots?

eAwaz Health

London – A lot of people, including healthcare workers, are testing positive from the Covid-19 infections even after taking both doses of vaccinated. It might be related to Peltzman Effect – termed after Sam Peltzman – an economist at the University of Chicago, who first described it in 1975. It says when safety measures are mandated, people’s perception of risk decreases, making them take riskier decisions. Peltzman asked to mandate use of seatbelts in automobiles but that still led to more accidents. It implies that safety perception increases risk appetite. The increase in the number of people being innoculated gives rise to a “misplaced sense of security in ‘herd immunity’ long before widespread immunity is truly present,” said doctors from New York University’s Langone Health in a comprehensive review of the Peltzman Effect, published in the ACP Journals recently. Thus the doctors say: “…the very optimism that is necessary to encourage widespread acceptance of the vaccine will undoubtedly contribute to the overconfidence” and lead people to forgo the preventive measures. “Consciously or not, even those who have not received a Covid-19 vaccine may forgo masks and social distancing if they know that others are receiving the vaccine.”